Young Workspaces

Teens can hang out and spend all day with their friends during weekends. But during weekdays, life can get really messy and busy. Academic tasks appear here and there, and homework seems to overflow 27/4.

Teenage life is not just all about chit-chatting and playing games anymore; it’s also about being bombarded with academic duties and responsibilities that often test the teens’ endurance and patience.

Thus, they too deserve a comfortable, well-lit, and well-designed working place to settle in. Here are some examples:

Modern designs

A modern room design is great for a teenager’s busy spot. Here, all books are well-arranged on a white, minimalist shelf beside the queen-sized bed. The shelf also has handle-free drawers wherein they can secure their school materials.

Rustic design



A rugged yet simple design is also perfect for artistic and adventurous teens who feel more comfortable working in a leather-covered office chair. Some teens prefer to have a furniture-free working space while some prefer to color their room with vintage furniture.

The film-maker’s office

This room resembles a future producer’s or director’s office. It has a simple chair and desk, lots of colors, and lots of frames on the wall in front of the working desk. These frames may serve as a piece of inspiration for teens while they sit on their chairs, creating their big dreams.

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