Top Design is a team of interior designers and artists who take pride in our democratic technique and approach to home designs. We are not all about style policies, formatted tastes, and symmetrical patterns. Instead, we encourage our clients to free themselves from the confines of their conventional perspective and immerse themselves in the realms of art.

With our group of experts who act as their guide toward making the best out of their dreams and visions, our clients can arrive at the most affordable yet enchanting spectrum of choices.

Meet Our Team

Beth Smith, Editor

Beth Smith has been journaling wonderful ideas for Top Design magazine and website for over nine years already.

Randy King, Digital Writer

With over five years of experience, Randy King’s amazing outputs have been added to her portfolio, attracting thousands of interior-designing enthusiasts online.

Lara Rhode, Editorial Director

This phenomenal woman has been working in Top Design for nineteen years already. She was the editor in chief of Interiors and Country homes before she crossed paths with our team. Her dedication and hard work allowed her to entice clients with her astounding country crafts.