Workspaces for Teens

Despite their roller-coaster journey, teens can always have a suitable, comfortable, and private place to deal with all their mess. It can be inside their own bedrooms or their personal study area wherein they can do whatever tasks they have or focus on planning for a small business.

We have compiled some room designs which are perfect for busy teens who need everything aesthetically organized despite their tough journey. After all, a busy person needs a well-designed working space.

Attic design

This laid-back room is an attic space that makes the best out of the house’s extra areas. It includes an extensive spectrum of reference and literature books that are perfect for teens who love to read and collect them.

The best thing about this design is the triangular window behind the working area that sheds natural light directly into the study table.



This mezzanine level enables a more functional area for teens to study. This can also be a shared room for two teenagers who need a quiet place to do their homework. The elevated part can also be a sleeping place and the lower part can be the working spot.

Shared bedroom

This room can also be shared by two people. It has a split floor space design with a thick curtain dividing the area. You may also use a tall bookshelf as a room divider to enable more privacy.

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