Funky Rooms for Creative Teens

A teen’s working space must be more than just an area they can run to whenever they do not want to face the external world yet or discuss personal things with their parents. This is their safe haven and their comfort zone.

So as much as possible, it has to match their preference and personality. It has to be personalized in a way that they can really see it as their “own world”.

Here are some examples:

The black and yellow room

This room is designed by a visualizer who utilizes contrasting colors that complement each other very well – black and yellow. These colors are perfect for teens with a unique character, teens who usually love to see mood-elevating and eye-popping designs.

It merely gives them peace and comfort just by looking around. The sofa and study area make this room a perfect workspace for a brilliant and creative teenager who has plenty of stuff to focus on.

Colorful bedroom

No doubt this room design enhances creativity and reinforces a teen’s wildest imaginations. A variety of colors are overflowing from the chairs and desk down to the pillows, carpets, and frames.

However, with the overwhelming variety we have in here, you have to keep the bed sheet’s color, bookshelf, and curtains either plain gray or plain white. This makes the room more aesthetic than random.

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