Lovely Lighting and Kitchen Layouts

These artistic, aesthetically pleasing kitchen visualizations encompass a wide spectrum of layouts for floor plans and cabinetry systems. From the wall clocks, cabinet materials, and frames to the lighting, countertops, and other detailed elements, these kitchen ideas are really interesting.

However, always remember that a kitchen’s design should never compromise its function, so you want to keep these in mind:

Cooking and dining space

For your cooking and dining space, it is more advisable to place the countertop (wherein food preparation happens) adjacent to or near the dining table.

That way, you wouldn’t have to carry a hot soup around the kitchen or spill some sauce on the floor before it reaches the table. Convenience and safety are a priority.


Your expensive plates, glasses, and other utensils can be placed in a closed and secured cabinet or drawer. However, when you have no pets or kids running around your house, you have to make the best out of them by displaying them on an open wall shelf.

Arrange them according to sizes, style, and color. Treat that open wall shelf as a blank canvas for your masterpiece.


Huge drum pendants are perfect for wide and long countertops. For your dining area, you may either hang Nordic-style star-shaped lamps or a grand chandelier. Make sure to match these elements to your kitchen’s theme.

If your theme is minimalistic, you may install modern light systems, but if your theme is vintage, medium to large chandeliers are most preferred.

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