An Essential Guide to Industrial Living Room Styles

Nothing would ever be as effortless, cool, and low-maintenance as these industrial-styled living spaces. With their white and black typographic prints, exposed bricks, factory windows, iron piping, shaggy rugs, and wooden floors, these rooms are more than just livable — they’re fantastic.

All the elements in here blend perfectly together as if the entire room is created in one sitting. So unleash that inner designer within you and start customizing comfortable yet aesthetic couches and hanging gorgeous light fixtures in concrete ceilings.

It’s high time you forget all the chaotic designs and dive into the wonders of these industrial-styled interiors.

Slate and wood

Make the best out of these concrete slabs and walls by incorporating them with slate and wood. The variety of this texture keeps any living space simple and minimalistic by utilizing only green, black, grey, and brown.

This color palette is perfect for a spacious room wherein all your guests watch movies together while waiting for their special meal to be served. Other important accessories are the wooden coffee table, camera lights, wooden runway, longer pendants, and block sofa.

Dreamy and dark

You may create a dreamy and dark industrial living room mood with these columns of black shelves, rows of hanging lights, a one-wheel table, and an L-shaped leather sofa. This high-ceilinged area also has polished woods that line its smooth ceiling and rough concrete floors.

Dash of lemon

A modern industrial living area does not always have to be gray and brown. This small space is an eye candy due to its abstract features and black quilted sofa that contrasts the playful hues.

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