A New Approach on Tubs

Some homeowners crave nothing but interior perfection. They want to incorporate the best elements together to create a palace of their own. The good news is, this is indeed possible.

With the right application of color spectrum, a simpler yet catchier approach, and effective product combinations, you can achieve your dream bathroom design.

Bring your tub to an open area

Bathtubs should not only be used as an area to wash your body. It should also be seen as a good place to relax, read a book, drink wine, and meditate. To do these, you may relocate your tub in an open area with a huge bookshelf or a wine cellar close to it and where natural light comes in.

That way, you won’t feel like you’re merely confined in your bathroom’s four walls while you “take a bath.”

Relocate your tub in your room

Imagine taking a bubble bath while watching the view of city lights from your bedroom’s clear glass walls. The feeling will always be ecstatic. To achieve this, make sure your room’s glass wall is tinted.

You may also place your tub near your room’s flat-screen television so you can choose to either watch movies or just cherish the view of the city. Lastly, you may surround your tub with green plants and white fluffy carpet to make it your room’s focal point instead of merely an “extra”.

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