Divine Bathroom Ideas

The examples here not only project a fresh approach to conventional tiled walls, but they also merge walls with other elements such as lighting, accessories, and other details, to make the entire area look like an art piece.

Let’s have a look at each of them.

Mosaic details

These mesmerizing mosaic patterns are in delicate contrast with the matt and gloss finishes. The exquisite patterning is done by phenomenal interior artists who specialized in giving your bathroom a facelift.

The intricacy applied in the wall’s details allows you to feel like you’re in a royal palace while you rest your head in your bathtub. Also, unlike all other wall materials, these aren’t easily stained by soap splashes and water segments. Thus, it is easier for you to maintain its flawlessness and beauty.


If you are the kind of person who thinks dark, matte finishes are eye candies, then this particular design is for you. With a matte bathtub, minimally designed walls, a huge picture frame of a luxury car in front of your tub, and Nordic lighting, you surely would feel like a boss. This design represents power, domination, and authority.


This bathroom motif is filled with vibrancy, color, and spice. You may hang a huge frame that projects your interest in front of your tub. You may also fill your walls with sleek, purple, or pink tiles to emphasize your girly personality.

However, always remember to contrast vibrancy with neutrality. Your bathtub, sink, shelves, and curtains have to be plain white.

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