A Book Lover’s Living Room

In this generation of electronic book readers, some people still prefer the age-old experience of reading actual book pages and being captivated by the addictive scent of ink and paper. Home libraries are still a thing these days, and this can be a stunning home feature than merely a dust accumulator.

With the right designs and techniques, you can give your home library a facelift. So, explore these gorgeous living room designs for book enthusiasts.

Plywood molded chair

This massive cabinet system is more than just a stunning backdrop in your living room. This is the ultimate feature that boosts the beauty of the entire place. Your staircase can be the perfect spot to install this towering library that is also placed on the opposite side of a huge glass window where there’s an abundance of natural light.

There are plenty of compartments in this massive library to make use of other than books. You may add some vases, figurines, and other souvenirs too.

Indoor plant stand

A huge bookshelf standing from behind your L-shaped sofa will always look better with a few green leaves on its corners. These huge plant vases comfortably sitting on a plant stand project a cool vibe in your living area. The view of the bookshelf and these plants is perfect for a lazy day or a long weekend.

Unique wall shelf

Did you know you can also make the best out of a post by making it a bookshelf? Aside from optimizing space, you also have more compartments for your books and other stuff.

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