Massive Wall Art Ideas

Did you know large paintings can steal the spotlight from all your other home features? If that is the case, then you may place an eye-catching wall art or abstract painting at the center of your living area for your guests’ eyes to feast on.

You no longer must try so hard to install whatever expensive features you have in mind. Sometimes, all you have to do is invest in one masterpiece for a conversation piece. Here are some inspiration and ideas for living room wall art:

Realistic art

Aside from the spacious room, elegant chandelier, and classy sofa set, there is nothing more captivating than a realistic painting of nature, animals, and human beings. However, you should still remember to match the color spectrum of the art in your living room.

Unconventional paintings

This bold art style might deviate and overstep from conventional designs. This projects a daring, direct, strong, and distinct character that can spice up the room’s atmosphere depending on the personality of the person who sees it.

This unconventional masterpiece contrasts the precise and sharp angles of these minimalistic coffee tables.

Abstract print

Abstract ink prints can either create an overt or covert picture when seen as a whole. For example, this painting is actually a black and white sketch of a person that connects with the gorgeous ink print beside it (inspired by organic elements). The two associated wall arts are well-balanced according to a strict geometrical theme — and that alone boosts the aesthetics of this living area.

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